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Gabriele Maria
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ELI - Beamlines, Dolni Brezany (Czech Republic)
Research Areas & Interests: 
Applications of laser wakefield acceleration, stable and tunable electron beam generation, LWFA at kHz, electron beam diagnostics, radiotherapy, imaging.
I was born and raised in Bari, a small city in the south-east of Italy. At the age of 15 I moved to Venice, to join the Italian Navy, where I received my high school diploma in 2008. I suddenly enrolled at the University of Pisa, where I gained my Master's degree in Medical Physics in 2013. I did my Master's thesis on laser wakefield acceleration in the CNR group in Pisa (my supervisors were Dr. L. Gizzi and Prof. F. Pegoraro). During that time it was starting the ELI-Beamlines project, which was very promising for future scientific discoveries. So, I join ELI-Beamlines as a PhD student. My thesis was about applications of laser wakefield acceleration, and was defended in 2018 (my supervisors were Dr. T. Levato and Prof. J. Limpouch, the reviewers were Prof. S. Bulanov and Dr. F. Brandi). The main result of my PhD work was a patent concerning a radiotherapy device based on LWFA, which allows tumor imaging during the irradiation. At the moment I am still working at ELI-Beamlines, now as a post-doc. I work in the electron acceleration group. Our project is to build and commission the HELL beamline, a GeV laser electron accelerator for external users. My role in the project is dual: to develop electron beam diagnostics and to find potential external users.