Technology Papers

Title Topic Year First Author Last Author Laboratory
Axiparabola: a long-focal-depth, high-resolution mirror for broadband high-intensity lasers Axiparabola 2019 S. Smartsev C. Thaury LOA
Absolute energy calibration for relativistic electron beams with pointing instability from a laser-plasma accelerator Electron Spectrometer 2012 H. J. Cha J. Lee APRI-GIST
Electron beam charge diagnostics for laser plasma accelerators Electron Spectrometer 2011 K. Nakamura W. P. Leemans LBNL
Few femtosecond, few kiloampere electron bunch produced by a laser–plasma accelerator Electron Bunch Duration 2011 O. Lundh J. Faure LOA
Absolute charge calibration of scintillating screens for relativistic electron detection Electron Spectrometer 2010 A. Buck U. Schramm MPI-Garching
Broadband single-shot electron spectrometer for GeV-class laser-plasma-based accelerators Electron Spectrometer 2008 K. Nakamura W. P. Leemans LBNL
Absolute calibration for a broad range single shot electron spectrometer Electron Spectrometer 2006 Y. Glinec V. Malka LOA